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About me. I’m an eager new business grad with a passion for cosmetics, fashion and all things branding. In my professional life, I attended Ivey, Canada’s leading business school, and I have worked as a planning analyst at TJX, using analytics and data driven solutions to ship an optimized product mix to over 90 stores across Canada. In my personal life, I create avant-garde makeup looks and product photo's to post on social media. Across all channels I have around 4000 followers. My goal is to find a career that intersects these two areas of my life - left and right brain you could say. I’m extremely keen on finding a job where I wake up every day loving the work that I do but also the people that I surround myself with.

Ivey Business School

The Ivey student experience has prepared me well beyond textbook learning with a unique case-method of learning that connects real world application to business objectives. Through Ivey I have analyzed hundreds of cases, competed in over a dozen case competitions and have stepped outside my comfort zone too many times to count. Each time has only helping to improve my quick thinking, teamwork and public speaking abilities.
I am lucky to have met the friends, professors and Ivey alumn that I did, which make my professional network so interesting and diverse.
In January of 2020, I attended an international exchange program in Lisbon, Portugal. It was a unique opportunity to meet students and professors from all over the world. Being immersed in a city full of culture, architecture and history was truly an experience I will never forget. Due to Covid-19, exchange was cut short, I returned back to Canada and I am currently navigating the world and the new normal.


Creative Endevours:  Makeup + Photograhpy

At 16 years old I was excited to dye my hair for the first time. I researched what bleach, toner and dye to use and five hours later I had beautiful pink ombre hair. When the school year came around I was told me I had to cut it off. 
That same year I practised my avant-garde makeup in the privacy of my childhood bedroom, applying a rainbow cut crease and a red lipstick, that I would later post on my makeup Instagram page. A page that I kept secret from friends and family out of embarrassment.
Six years later, I have bright purple hair, run two beauty Instagram pages, a youtube channel and have recently started a TikTok account - I proudly share my passions with pride and encourage others to do the same. I feel free to express myself fully with my hair and makeup. See, my passion for cosmetics as a way to express my personality and creativity came before I even knew I could have a career in the field. That is why I am eager to find work that allows me to merge both my education and my passions. I want to change the industry. I want to help others feel beautiful, creative and unashamed to be themselves.


Growth and comfort do not co-exit.


-Ginni Rometti

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